Solid Design

Central to our design and manufacturing processes are time honoured methods such as casting, forging and machining from solid brass. Brass is still the ideal material for the products we offer, being versatile in terms of design, it has been tried, tested and trusted for many years by plumbers, architects and engineers the world over. It is strong, can resist extremes of temperature and pressure, it is highly resistant to chemicals, is reliable and durable, it also has the added advantage of being easily recycled at the end of its working life. Although more expensive than some of our competitors, we select only the highest quality raw materials to begin the manufacturing process.

Technology and tradition operate comfortably side by side, state of the art computerised processes followed by hand finishing, prepare the components for several layers of high quality nickel and chrome plate to provide a durable long lasting finish. Our products are carefully assembled using WRAS approved components from the world?s leading suppliers.

Thermostatic control cartridges that meet or exceed the NHS D08, TMV2 or TMV3 schemes are supplied by market leaders from France and Italy, high tech ceramic components and ceramic disc cartridges are sourced from the very best specialists in Taiwan and Japan.

This all results in a finished product we are proud of and hope you will enjoy using for many years.