It is more evident now, than ever before, of the need to reduce our impact on the environment and at MM2 we have always understood this. Being a responsible business our aim is to not only implement this during the manufacturing process but to also allow our customers to reduce their impact during the life of our products. Design longevity and functional, durable products that will last a lifetime are the basis of this approach. At the end of a products life, being made almost entirely from brass means our products are easily recyclable.

Drinking water requires large amounts of energy to produce, if we reduce the amount we use, we reduce our environmental impact. Because our design team is based in the UK we better understand the demands of the low pressure water systems that are unique to us. By designing products in the UK, for the UK, means we can often reduce the need for additional pressurisation and hence additional wastage.? If a high pressure system is already in place then water flow regulation supplied with each product still allows the end user to reduce water consumption.

We like to call it "BlueThinking"